Best Xbox One Arcade Stick in 2021

As one of the pioneer years going into a new decade, there has been a revolution in the global market trends. Increase in graphics, technology and high adrenaline action has only contributed to start a trend in the market, making online gaming and xbox a household name.

However, most people can’t grasp the full effect of this new technology because they lack the best equipment which makes it fun for people. What else can it be except an Arcade Stick for Xbox One. So here we are going to discuss about top and best Xbox One Arcade Fightsticks in 2021.

Casual gaming is fun, however you cannot say you grasped the best of it all while playing on a gaming laptop till you have had a go with an Arcade Stick, especially on your xbox which tends to add definition to your gameplay and actually makes it a challenge for your brain and your body.

Let your thumbs and fingers take a little rest and your hand and wrist take on the challenge with some of the best xbox one Arcade Sticks.

1.HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick for Xbox One

HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick for Xbox One

If you are a beginner or just looking for a “good Arcade Stick for xbox one” that will last you a while, this is an excellent choice. The best quality of this stick is that it is licensed by Microsoft itself, so there is hardly any compatibility issue. Moreover, this adds an assurance for you as a user.

The design is sleek and easy to grasp, even for those that have unsteady hands. It’s also portable with added features of good storage space. The weight is also not a huge deal, only 2.2 Kg, so you can easily pick it up to play without putting too much pressure on your wrists or arms.

It also makes heavy hours of gaming possible for teens who do not have good arm strength for some other heavier alternatives. The buttons used for this stick are firm, yet have a seamless compatibility with the gaming interface, giving you a good grip on your playing style with hardly any lag.

As a user, the first thought you just have is that it should “feel good” for you and also be multi-use. This stick is precisely that as it can be used with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows according to user needs. Another plus point to note is that it has a customizable menu which can be switched on and off.

It’s handy for a competitive stage where pausing means disqualification for the player and is actually utilisable for you , but it’s an affordable buy for the people who are even a little serious about gaming but do not have very deep pockets to look for fancier alternatives.

Also, the newer versions for this have really good speed support and even give new users a good handle on the maneuvers of using an Arcade stick.


  1. It’s Hardware compatible switch allows free movement between xbox one, xbox 360 and PC mode.
  2. It’s main switch also allows an easy switch between menu and view button.
  3. It’s 17 inches / 430 mm long, weighing about 2.2 Kg
  4. Allows for about 3m cable length
  5. Sleek design with round edges and play safety.
  6. Good player support and 15% faster loading speed


  • Good Response and system compatibility
  • Switch between View and menu button
  • Good cord length for pliers
  • 15% faster loading speed.


  • Could get annoying for people having too large hands
  • Is slippery from the bottom


While it does get to specific people, for general players it’s a must buy, especially people who are genuinely looking forward to making an amazing debut into the gaming field and have need to practice for competitions. The material is comfortable to use for almost everyone and needs not have anything which can make your experience lacking.

 2.  MAYFLASH Universal Arcade FIGHTSTICK F500 for PS4/PS3/ Xbox ONE/Xbox 360/PC/Android/Switch/NEOGEO Mini/SEGA MEGA Drive/SEGA Genesis


Looking into MAYFLASH, you might recognise it as a top seller. The earlier product of the series F300 was a massive hit with the player community worldwide and as such can be seen often sold out.

As such, what makes F500 so special and a must buy when you have F300? Simply – the creators took everything that makes the F300 so good and made a new model, just better and smoother than any other in the series and hence you get this masterpiece which is loved universally by the users of online gaming.

However, if you are really fond of how your console looks you can always get its surface customised to make it look your way. Added to this, since it’s plain and customizable you can work yourself as a designer by displaying your customary skills and making it look cool.

F500 is heavier than its predecessors which adds to the stability of the product, making it really durable and less likely to be damaged. Also, it supports a lot of platforms, one of which is the xbox one which is universally beloved among fans. Also supporting a headphone jack and a USB drive, it’s a one in all package.

However, there is another surprise which is the addition of an extra octagonal restrictor gate inside the box. There’s also an addition of MagicBot feature to the console which makes it easier to connect to the platforms you like. A welcoming addition to this Arcade stick is the vibrating feature which can connect to yoru strap (you have to buy separately).

The box itself is a moderate size which makes it easier for the player to get into style and play. The support for buttons and response time is also satisfactory for the players and there is hardly any lag in the process.


  1. Its sizable with 59*42.5*30cm (cm) dimensions
  2. Allow a wide variety of user platforms along with USB and headset jacks
  3. Weights about 11.9 (KG)
  4. Package contains 1 x MAYFLASH Arcade Stick F500 , 1 x Manual, 1 x 1 meter USB Cable, 1 x Type-C Cable
  5. Sleek and customizable design.
  6. All features of F300, but improved


  • Easy to modify
  • Good performance
  • Comfortable and user friendly
  • Has USB and headset jacks


  • Too many cables
  • Headset volume not that good


This is a great addition to the series of MAYFLASH Arcade stick family and one of the most used all over the world. As a top seller, it’s a good and affordable choice for most people and for those who are in an urgent need best hurry to grab your own before they go out of stock.

For people who are genuinely interested in gaming and are looking for good support, this is a steady support and not too taxing for players who have a busy schedule.



This is an arcade stick which has existed in the circle for a long time but recently came into public eye simply because it’s partial to fighting games, which are gaining more and more ground recently. With eight Sanwa buttons on the right side of the console and a joystick on the other side, this is a comfortable fit into your hand.

For those of you who are not into fighting games, this might not make an appealing deal, however, for classic combat lovers or fans of the new type of combat games, or even for those in a competitive scene like smash, this is a good investment as it can really push forward.

Below the surface, it provides you with storage ample enough to even store screwdrivers or additional Sanwa buttons to repair in-between tournament rounds.

Forget the creative freedom, this device gives you the freedom to experiment with the joystick itself so that you can participate under better circumstances. With all this, it’s a given that the console is very durable and may also accompany you to your final tournaments without breakage.

As a casual player, it’s a bit much but if you look for a one time purchase with good sensitivity and customizable panel, this is a good pickup. For people who regularly look forward to winning or are looking to invest in the modification business, this is a good alternative because others of such type neither offer durability nor allow such freedom. This device allows the user such freedom.


  1. Premium Quality Sanwa Hardware Components
  2. 8 x Tournament-grade Sanwa Denshi buttons
  3. Authentic Sanwa joystick with ball top (additional bat top included)
  4. 13.0′ (4.0 m) detachable screw-lock cable
  5. It weighs 10.2 lb with 19 x 12.6 x 6.5″ dimensions
  6. Very durable and consumable


  • It’s A Top-Quality Arcade Controller
  • It’s Easy To Modify
  • Good storage space


  • A Bit Of Give To The Lid
  • Not suited to everyone


Must buy for all fighting game lovers and all serious players out there. However, for casual players, this is not that good of a deal with its price range since the upper two options are more affordable, just not as customisable.

However, if you are really serious in your pursuit for victory regardless of the price and are willing to spend money on something which will last and look stylish for times to come, this is a dealmaker for you. Add to this that this allows you certain freedom with guarantee and is generally a watch winner for fighting type games so a must have for almost every fighting game-type player.

Looking for a gaming console is not easy due to changing technology and popularity of games changing quickly. If you have a type of game you prefer, then something field specific would be good for you otherwise going for an all rounder is good too.

Some well known names frequently out new and improved models of the previous Arcade sticks so keep an eye out. However for a majority one of these three is the best suited because of their adaptability and wide range of usage along with their stylish sense.

It’s best to choose something which is comfortable for your arms and fit in your hand as some of these consoles can be quite heavy and despite assurance can cause long term damage to your wrist and arms.

Have a good and enjoyable time with your xbox with your joystick in one hand and mug of coffee in other and relax all your tension away. New games are coming out everyday and to enjoy them fully a Arcade stick is a necessity, so spending a little on it would never hurt you. Hope you liked our article on best xbox one arcade sticks 2021.