Best Pink/Rose Gold Laptops 2021

When man started to control the electrons, the electronic world had been started. The most useful device of all electronics is a computer.

Electronics also helped us to constrain the size and to increase the potentials of computers. There evolved the Laptops. These laptops became so familiar to almost everyone around the globe. These laptops do have wide range of diverse applications.

Nowadays people can be predicted by looking the way his/her laptop looks. As part of this we are dealing with the most lovable colored laptops, those are “PINK LAPTOPS”.

There are lots of colors available outside, but I am presently dealing with the Pink Laptops. These kinds of laptops are mostly used and recommended for girls. But even if you want that Classie look you can have these kind of laptops.

Pink Laptops are the laptops, with pink colored chassis and outfit. These laptops are good looking, and very attractive. These kinds of laptops, builds confidence in yourself as well as in the others who watch your laptops carried by you.

These laptops really help us to keep our uniqueness. There are few laptops, that I extracted the information from the data bases.

These Pink Laptops also have different uses when compared to that of the normal laptops. These kinds of laptops will definitely increases your professionality.

One thing to make clear is that the Pink Laptops are just for the purpose of styling, i.e. they may not do additional works as if they are in pink.

So now lets get into the information that I just created. There, I will be giving different laptops, with basic information, etc . So now lets get started to join my article and explore the things in this article. Really pink laptops are very good in terms of their appearance.

Hope that the information will be very useful for you to choose the BEST PINK LAPTOP. I’ve sorted out these laptops by considering their performance, price, battery life, stylish look, etc.

But finally, it is your option to choose your own favorite laptop. I’ve listed the laptops along with their useful information, you can pick the one which suits you the most.

Best Pink/Rose Gold Laptops 2021 Review



This is the best laptop for pink lovers and for the people who wants to look professional. It has really good features. It is a stylish ultra portable business laptop with fast performance.

It is also embedded with different modern features like, finger print reader, etc.

It has a perfect light weight chasis, which does not make you feel hard to carry in your backpack. It is capable of doing multitasking very easily. You will feel very comfortable with its keyboard.

The display is good with a couple of speaker which gives nice audio output. One of its major abilities is crazy range of ports, it has VGA input, Ethernet port, HDM input, USB 3.1 Type C jack, 3 USB 3.0 ports along with a headphone jack and a lock slot. And price is reasonable for its capacity.

Talking about its performance, as it is using Core i7-8565U processor it is quite good at performance. It really make you feel better while using it.

It do not even waste much of your time in loading stuff like browsers, photos, video etc even when it is handling much more work.

And next thing is it has 16 GB RAM which makes you very comfortable with the software like Solidworks, Catia, AutoCAD , MATLAB, etc. This much of RAM makes you to use all these software in parallel.

It also has storage capacity of 512 GB, which much more to a light weight and good processing laptop. With this much of the space we can definitely not require any external hard drives.


DesignPerfect light weight chasis.  
PerformanceFast performance. Core i7-8565U CPU.  
Screen12.5 inch display, 1080P non matte touch.  
Battery LifeOnce charged,  with-stands up to 7 hrs (while using the wifi, browsing, etc).  
Web Cam720P  
PortsOn Right: VGA input, Ethernet Port, HDM  input, USB 3.1 Type C jack and USB 3.0 Port.   On left: 2 USB 3.0 Ports, a HeadPhone/Mic jack and a Lock Slot.  


  • Fast performance.
  • Crazy range of ports.
  • Light Weight.


  • Tiny touchpad.



This laptop stands in second place because of its strong performance, impressive look. This laptop looks really great. It has slim finishing. It gives you a nice and professional look.

It has a high quality 13.5 inch ‘Touch -Screen’ screen. The keyboard is great. This also consists of brilliant audio speakers, which give great audio output.

 This laptop has a strong performance, because it uses Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU. This has a complete Pink look. Even its screws will appear in pink.  

Checking out at its weight it is really light, its just 1.31Kg, which is very light. And this is one of the major advantages of this laptop. That means you can carry it anywhere you want without any restrictions.

It also has a RAM of 16GB which makes a point clear that it is a multitasking laptop. This will enable us to work on as many software are you want at a time.

This makes your laptop very fast when compared to the others with less RAM. And if we check out its storage, it is 256 GB. That’s really an awesome thing. We can store more number of movies and we can also store enormous number of photos, videos, etc.

It is once again a great choice for those who really love pink. This laptop has great detailed attentions, which makes it look very impressive.

If you are the one who are creative and like the stylish look, this is for you. Checkout the useful information about this laptop, below. And speaking about the price it is quite reasonable when compared to its performance.

DesignWeight of 1.31Kg Size – 12.1 * 8.8 * 0.6 inches.  
PerformanceStrong performance. Intel Core i7-1065 G7 CPU. Intel Iris Plus GPU  
RAM16 GB  
Storage256 GB  
Screen13.5 inch display, 2496 * 1664 Pixels.  
Battery LifeOnce charged lasts up to 9hours and 30 minutes.    
Web Cam720p  
PortsOn Right:  A Magnetic Surface Connect port for charging or for connecting to the surface pack.             
On left: USB 3.1 Type A Port, USB Type C input and HeadPhone / Mic jack.


  • Impressive build quality and Attention to detail.
  • High quality 13.5 inch Touch Screen.
  • Strong performance.


  • Limited connectivity.



Prestige looks and feels like a nice laptop. It has a complete pink body along with the keyboard. Prestige is a perfect match for Pink lovers who want to use it for general purpose. It has a nice youthful looking. Prestige is a perfect choice for youth.

 Prestige 14 do not weight much, it is fairly light ie, of 1.27Kg. It has a hand attractable keyboard and a smooth touchpad. Its screen is wide enough.

It has a good sound output. It consists a couple of speaker on its back. It also has good ports, they include, USB-C dongle that includes an additional micro SD card slot along with 2 USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet jack. This means you won’t need to buy any USB-C adapters of your own.

On checking the performance of the laptop, we find that this laptop uses intel core i7-10710U processor. That means this laptop can handle and process many things at a time.

This feature enables us to use this for a business and office works. Looking through the RAM it is 16 GB RAM, it is highly capable of dealing with the larger files and larger software.

This makes the laptop more effective for anyone who wants these features. It also has a storage of 512 GB which is quite impressive.

And can store out our life experience and moments that are very precious in our life. And also we can store different types of data that is related to the office works, study materials etc.

Prestige suits for those who love Pink and those who use this laptop for general kind of use. See the given information about the details about MSI PRESIGE.

DesignWeight of 1.27Kg Size – 12.1 * 8.8 * 0. inches.  
PerformanceCore i7-10710U, Nvidia GeForce  GTX 1650 GPU.
RAM16 GB  
Storage512 GB  
Screen14 inch, Non-Touch Screen. 1920 * 1080 Resolution.  
Battery LifeOnce charged last up to 9 hours.    
Web Cam30fps@720p.  
PortsOn Right: 2 USB 2.0 Type-A ports and a Head Phone jack.             
On left: 2 ThunderBolt and 3 USB-C ports along with a Micro SD card slot.


  • Light Weight and Sturdy.
  • Bold color makes a statement.
  • Good Key Board and Touchpad.


  • Dim display for Creative Work.



Razer Blade laptops are well known for their best Gaming experience. This laptop is the right one for you if you are looking for a very portable and light weight machine, with excellent build quality, and a great screen and   the ability to play Casual PC titles on medium to  low graphic settings.

Stealth 13 has a greater and solid look. I has a very good outfit. Its keyboard is fully backlit, giving you the best typing experience. This laptop has dimensions as 304.6 * 210 * 14.8 mm. And it is light and weighs 1.3Kg. It has a large TouchPad. And its audio experience is awesome. This laptop is embedded with intel 8th Gen Whiskey Lake i7-8565U CPU and Quad Core 1.8 GHz. This make Razer Blade Steath 13 a strong performance laptop.

Now looking at its ports it consists of 2 USB – A 3.1 gen 2, one USB – C with Thunder Bolt 3 along with one USB – C 3.1 power port and a head phone / mic jack. These are really good for a laptop to have.

These will definitely help the user to free from buying external drivers for these purposes. Coming to the RAM of this laptop it is 16 GB.

Allowing the user to play larger games without any hanging and slow downing of the laptop. With its 250 GB internal storage one can store many games if he is a gamer, I am talking about the games because usually these Razer laptops are created for the gamer and innovators.

DesignWeight: 1.3Kg. Size: 304.6 * 210 * 14.8 mm.  
PerformanceIntel 8th Gen Whiskey Lake i7-8565U CPU, Quad Core 1.8 GHz (4.6GHz boost).   Video: intel HD 620 and NVIDIA GeForce MX150 with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM.  
RAM16 GB  DDR4  2133MHz.  
Storage250 GB  M2  NVMe.  
Screen13.3 inch, 1920 *1080 Pixels, 1 PS equivalent, 60Hz, Matte.  
Battery LifeOnce charged, lasts up to 13 hours.    
Web CamHD 720p, Windows Hello compliant infrared camera.  
ExtrasIndividual lit RGB Keyboard, Large ClickPad, HD Windows Hello Cam, SterioSpeakers.


  • Bright Beautiful Screen.
  • Strong Performance.
  • Excellent Build Quality.


  • Expensive.
  • No HDI Port.



This is the most expensive laptop of all. But expense doesn’t stop the person who really liked it. As it is quite expensive, it has many nice and amazing features. If you are the one who is finding a laptop with most modern look and Luxurious feel, and love the pink, then there is no other laptop on the Earth that can replace Dell XPS 13 laptop.

Talking about the processing speeds, this laptop uses Intel Core i7-8550U processor, this allows it to process very fast along with 16GB RAM.

This makes us a point clear that this laptop can handle things very easily and it can also handle many things at a time. Coming to the storage it is capable of storing 512 GB of data, and this is one of the good things about this laptop.

Dealing with its webcam it is of 270p and 2.25mm webcam, which is really a good point to be noted about this laptop. And this camera will allow us to talk international call with a nice picture of ours. And also we can take really good picture with this webcam.

It came with great graphic adapters, it has Intel UHD Graphics 620. That is really awesome. Really speaking about this laptop is really insufficient.

If you are the one who can go up to any price to get a best (completely equipped) pink laptop then this is the perfect match for you. You can get it undoubtedly.

DesignWeight: 1.216Kg 
PerformanceIntel-Core i7-8550U  
RAM16 GB  LPDDR3  1866MHz Dual channel.  
Storage512 GB  
Screen13.3 inch display. 16:9 3840 * 2160 Pixels 331 PPl  
Battery LifeOn Single Charge – 9 to 10 Hours  
Web Cam720p 2.25mm Webcam  
Graphic AdaptersIntel UHD Graphics 620,  


  • Great Key Board and Touch Pad.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Attractive Display Options.


  • Touch Screen is not standard
  • Expensive



  • Affordable Price.
  • 12 hrs of rated Battery Life.
  • Rare 1080p webcam


  • No microSD storage expansion.

Google Pixel Book Go laptops really has a Thin and elegant design. These look small and just like a note book. That’s why it is named as Pixel Book. These do not have high processing capacities but are very useful for those how are going to use laptop instead of books and more likely the people who do not use laptops for more complex jobs like video editing, Cad software etc. Among these laptops pink color really fascinates anyone.

And these Google Pixel Books have different versions based on their processors, and depending upon the processors the price of these laptops gets decided.

And these laptops generally start at a price of 49000 INR. Comparing to the previous laptops its really cheap. It has a small screen. And it size is 311 * 206.3 * 13.4 mm.

And talking about their battery, it is really amazing, they have 12 hours of rated battery life. Its cam is also interesting thing. Its cam is of 1080p. This laptop has impressive speakers. And it also has comfortable and responsive Keyboard.

These laptops differ by their processors. They mainly have 3 processors, they are Core m3, Core i5 and Core i7. And based on these processors the price also varies.

And checking out the RAM specifications we have 8 and 16 GB RAM available on these laptops. That means they can also handle multitasking issues. And coming to the storage, they are offered with 64, 128 and 256 GB.

These laptops are great of having all these solid specifications. You can get you choice of any ‘Google Pixel Book Go’ you want. So find the better one for you and go with its super fantastic features.

These laptops are perfect for those who do not have more software based works and for those who have a fantasy of buying a laptop.

DesignWeight: 1.061Kg. Size: 311 * 206.3 * 12.4 mm.  
PerformanceIntel 8th Gen Core m3/ Intel 8th Gen Core i5/ Intel 8th Gen Core i7.  
RAM8GB (or) 16GB.  
Storage64GB (or) 128GB (or) 256GB.  
Screen13.3 inches 1920 * 1080 full HD LCD touch-screen , Corning ConCore Glass.  
Battery Life12 hours of Rated Battery Life.  
Web CamDuoCam: 1080p@60fps 8MP  
ExtrasBluetooth: 4.2. WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2 * 2(MIMO),  Dual band (2.4GHz, 5.0GHz).  



  • Faster Processor
  • Solid Sound
  • 2x Thunderbolt 3.0 ports


  • Outdated Web Cam of 720p

This is a laptop from the branded company Apple. Going into its looks, it has Elegant Look. The sleek look of the new MacBook Air which is just 15.6mm thin, has been great companion for business personalities.

This laptop has latest-Generation Keyboard with a Force Touch Trackpad. Mac book also has some unique features like, Thunderbolt 3, 15- 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. 802.11ac WiFi and  Bluetooth 4.2.

Default memory is 8GB and storage is 128 GB which can be expanded to 256GB via PCIe based SSD. It has 3 microphones to capture the voice more accurately. And looking at its audio output, this Mac book Air has the greatest audio output when compared with all other Mac Books.

This laptop is for you, If you are apple fan and pink lover desiring to get an apple laptop. Its price is also affordable when compared with the above laptops. Some of the notable information is below, check it out if you are desired to get this laptop.

DesignWeight: 0.92Kg. Size: 0.14-0.56 x 11.04 x 7.74 inches.  
Performance1.3GHz dual Core Intel Core i5.  
RAM8GB of 1866MHz  LPDDR3 16GB of memory.  
Storage512GB onboard SSD.  
Screen12 inch display.  
Battery LifeUp to 30days of stand by time.  
ExtrasAudio: stereo speakers, Dual Micro Phones, 3.5mm headphone jack.  



  • Long Battery Life.
  • Eye catching colorful design. 


  • Dim Display.

 HP stream is a good looking laptop with long battery life and eye catching colorful design. This laptop is the cheapest of all and is available for just 22,602INR. This is just like chrome book, the stream 14 keeps the price low by sticking to the bare essentials. It has a low powered CPU, minimal RAM and 32GB of flash memory for storage.

This laptop has the size of 13.3 x 8.9 x 0.70 inches. It weighs around 1.41Kg. And it has a plastic chassis. Speaking about the audio, it consists of a pair of downward firing speakers, but it is not good, so we better use headphones.

Coming to the ports information, it has full size HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. Point to be mentioned is, it has no Ethernet port.

This laptop is preferable to those who wanted the laptop at a cheaper price, and those who do not have more multitasking works on laptops, and the one’s who are pink lovers.

Once again HP Stream 14 laptops are great at their looks and gives you a stylish look. It has some basic features which are not much advanced, but its okay if you don’t have any major laptop works.


DesignWeight: 1.41Kg. Size: 13.3 x 8.9 x 0.70 inches  
Performance1.6GHz Intel Celeton N3060 processor, Intel HD Graphics 400.  
Storage32GB of eMMc flash storage.  
Screen14 inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution.  
Battery LifeOn one charge lasts up to 7hours.  
Web CamNot of a good quality. (low price)  
PortsOn Right: Power connector.   On left: Full size HDMI port, SD card slot, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1USB 2.0 port.


 Finally, these are the Best Pink Laptops that you want to buy. Pink laptops are the most beautiful and attractive laptops, which gives the users a classic and professional look.

Ultimately I can say that you have to choose by checking laptop’s processing speed, modern features in it, battery life etc. Most important thing is the cost and you have to find out that the cost mentioned is affordable with that of the laptops features and your usage of the laptop.

I have mentioned the best 8 pink laptops that be brought. From them it is clear that VIAO SX laptop is the best one. Yes it is the best one because it has all the range of features that a modern laptop comes with. And it is of the solid Pink color.

And it has a professional and classic look, which makes everyone’s attention come upon your laptop. And we have seen that its performance is really good because of its processor.

One more thing to be noted is its light weight. VIAO SX is very light and easily portable to any place and everyplace. It doesn’t add much weight to your back pack.

Speaking about the cheapest pink laptop ie. HP Stream 14, it is really the cheapest when compared with all the other. We may think that it is cheap and doesn’t last for long time.

But it is not true, because the life of a laptop will be in our hands. Coming to this laptop, it is manufactured by the company HP. It is a good company, so we cannot expect its products to be duplicate or soon expiring once.

If we use these kind of laptops for more time then they may get damaged, and as laptops are electronic goods if we don’t use them often then also there is a chance of getting the laptop to get damaged.

But this Laptop is best for those who are starting with the laptops for the first time. These also include many modern feature a good laptop has.

If you are a kind of person working for more time on laptop then you must preferably choose a laptop which has more battery life.

If you are a person who sees uses more software for education and office works, then you must check out the RAM and the processor used and all that stuff. So you have to choose a laptop according to your usage.

Color really adds happiness in one’s life. As you are the people who use the laptop more often, you need to get excited when you look at your laptop.

This thing can be done if you choose a laptop that shows your uniqueness. So there came the colored laptops. And there are many colored laptops available.

Among the pink looks pleasant, professional, happy day experience. That’s why pink laptops have been created. If you find your laptop great at its site then you will definitely get in to a mode of using it in an efficient and effective way.

Ultimately all these coloring features in the laptops are for us, to improve ourselves, and to improve our productivity. So we need to make use of this and we need to upgrade ourselves and we need to move on with the upcoming technologies.