Best Gaming Laptop For CSGO

Contour-Strike Global Offensive is cool game which is really interesting. It is the most effective game in this world. Are you searching for a realistic and suspicious game, and then Contour Strike Global Offensive is for you.

CSGO makes you feel the gravity of that game. It has really impressive graphics along with super-good sound. This game makes you feel that you are in that battle field and fighting like a soldier.

 In order to have game on your laptop it should have some minimum specifications to run this game effectively. So now I am here to give you the Best Gaming Laptop for CSGO.

Go through this article and find your best laptop. With the below mentioned laptops I am pretty sure that you will definitely have a great play.

Gaming is one of the greatest and fascinating experiences of entertainment. After evolution of programming, games had increased their potential and boomed laptop-gaming-world like anything. Gaming is life for someone; if you are one of them, then this article will definitely help you out.

Hope that the below mentioned information helps you out to find a best laptop that suits you out with your gaming experience. Go through it to get a clear understanding of each and every laptop.


The minimum requirements of the laptop to play CSGO are; the laptop should use a minimum of i5 processor, because this enables your laptop to process the game at great speed and it should have a minimum of 4 GB RAM, which allows you to play a smooth and lag free game.

Speaking about the graphics, it must be a graphic card which uses 2 GB for itself. To feel the fantastic experience with the game, you should definitely have a larger screen with nice resolution; generally 1080p of resolution is appreciable.

If you have a laptop which is not filling the above requirements then probably that laptop will not give the best gaming experience.

1.Asus ROG G703GX:

Asus ROG G703GX

ROG G703GX is the king of all gaming laptops. This is perfect choice for playing Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO). This laptop is packed up with super-good features along with great outfit which triggers the outsiders that you are a gamer.

This is the perfect choice, you will definitely get impressed by this laptop. It also has a great battery life which enables you to play for longer times.

Now let us discuss about the internal components of this ROG G703GX which makes this laptop the perfect choice. This one is loaded with an Intel Core i9 8959HK processor.

This is the very advanced one allowing your laptop to process the data at higher speed, which enhances your playing and operating capabilities.

Now speaking about the RAM, this machine is installed with 32 GB of RAM which makes this the best laptop ever.

That much of RAM will definitely give you a super-cool gaming experience ever. This thing has storage of 1000GB SSD which is paired up with 1000GB of HDD, allowing you to store numerous numbers of games on your laptop.

It uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 which is super version of graphic processor, which allows your laptop to give the best and complete graphics of the game you are playing.

It’s really wonderful to get this one, with such super-good specifications. This laptop comes with 17.3 inch super large full-HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 along with 144 Hz TN and G-Sync. This large screen will make the game come alive.


  1. Processor: Intel Core i9-8950HK.
  2. RAM: 32 GB.
  3. Storage: 1000GB HDD, 1000GB SSD.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080.
  5. Screen: 17.3 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz TN+G-Sync.
  6. Connectivity & Ports: 4 x USB Type-A, 1x USB Type-C, HDMI, Card reader, Ethernet LAN.
  7. Battery: 96 Wh.


  • Matte IPS display with 144-Hz
  • Excellent gaming performance.
  • Rock-solid exterior.


  • High noise development.
  • Very expensive.

Why to buy Asus ROG G703 GX:

This one is really amazing laptop, this is perfect one for gaming. Especially for CSGO this is the best laptop and no other laptop can beat this up.

This one is loaded up with super cool specifications and has a really good and impressive look. This is the fantastic and fantasy laptop for the real gamers. This can also be used as hard core gaming laptop.

If you are a gamer and looking for a laptop which gives you super performance no matter what cost would be, then this is yours. It has Matte IPS display with 144 Hz and a great gaming performance with a Rock-solid exterior.

2.Dell XPS 15 7590:

Dell XPS 15 7590

XPS 15 7590 from Dell is a super laptop of its kind. This can do really great all the games. This performs really nice with CSGO game. It is loaded and packed up with super fantastic features and specifications. This comes itself as a touch screen laptop which will make you feel much more comfortable.

Now let us dive-in into the laptops internal parts. This laptop comes with a 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H processor which is capable of 12MB Cache and up to 4.5 GHz, 6cores. These make this laptop to stand at second place. This processor is super-cool which gives you the best performance.

Loaded-up with 16 GB DDR4-2666MHz of RAM which makes you feel the smooth and nice playing experience of the laptop.

This much of RAM is really more than enough for a laptop to support or to give the best performance with the CSGO game. Along with that it has storage of 512 GB M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive, which enables you to store more amounts of data that is important for you.

Using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB GDDR5 graphic processor, Dell XPS 15 7590 gives you the best graphics from every game that you play on it.

Its 15.6 inch screen makes this laptop precious because on this big screen all your game feels like it was real. Along with that is has a maximum screen resolution of 3820 x 2160 pixels.


  1. Processor: Intel Core i7 9750H processor
  2. RAM: 16 GB DDR4-2666MHz
  3. Storage: 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB GDDR5
  5. Screen: 15.6 inch 3840 x 2160
  6. Connectivity & ports: 2x USB-C, 1x USB-C 3.1, one SD card reader, 1x 3.5 mm audio jack
  7. Battery: 97Wh


  • Strong productivity performance
  • Striking 4K OLED display
  • Webcam in the right place


  • Below-average battery life
  • Only 1 NVMe drive

Why to buy Dell XPS 15 7590:

XPS 15 7590 from Dell is a nice laptop with awesome specifications and amazing features. This is packed up with a powerful processor and has a sound RAM and Storage allowing you a free-smooth gaming and to store more important files for your further usage.

This laptop has a slim and attractive design which will make everyone’s mind to blow-off. This laptop perfect one for CSGO.

You should buy this laptop because it has slim and attractive design, with its Webcam placed at the right place along with a strong productivity performance with striking 4K OLED display with a various configurations available. 

3.Asus ROG Zephyrus G14:

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

ROG Zephyrus G14 from Asus is a fantastic cool looking and high performance laptop. This comes under the category of notebook laptop. It serves really great with CSGO game. Its specifications and features are good.

This is a nice one with a wonderful capabilities and great performance with the games. It comes with a moon light color, which looks really great to all who sees it.

Now let’s find the roots of this laptop. ROG Zephyrus G14 uses AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS processor, this is a really cool processor which helps you to get done with all your works and games at higher processing speed.

It is also packed up with a RAM of 16 GB, which allowing you in giving a perfect smooth and a lagging free output. It is also embedded with a 1TB of SSD storage, enabling you to store numerous files and memories of your life.

Speaking about its graphics, ROG Zephyrus G14 uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max Q graphics processor. This processor will give you that nice graphics you see all over the laptop and the realistic effects of the game that you play in this laptop are due to this graphics processor.

This laptop comes with a 14 inch screen which allows you to feel that life of the game you play. ROG Zephyrus also has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p, which provides you the greatest viewing of your laptop.

This laptop comes with crazy number of ports; it has 1 HDMI 2.0 port, USB Type-C, Headphone jack, Kensington Lock Slot, 2x USB 3.2 ports and a USB Type-C port.


  1. Processor: AMD Ryzen 9-4900HS.
  2. RAM: 16 GB.
  3. Storage: 1 TB SSD.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max Q.
  5. Screen: 14 inch, 1080p, 120 Hz.
  6. Connectivity & ports: 1x HDMI 2.0 port, 2x USB-C, 1x headphone jack, 2x USB 3.2 ports.
  7. Battery: lasts up to 7hours 43min.


  • Superior AMD Ryzen 9 processor is fast on all fronts.
  • Clean and attractive look.
  • Compact 14 inch design for a gaming laptop.
  • 120Hz screen refresh for competitive multiplayer games.


  • Loud fans under load.

Why to buy Asus ROG Zephyrus G14:

ROG Zephyrus G14 of Asus is a super-cool laptop with great looks and sound performance. It is really the best one if you are a student who needs laptop for collage and also starting your career as a gamer, and then this is your perfect choice. It has a great set of specifications which will definitely impress you while speaking about its performance.

You should buy this laptop because it has got a superior AMZ Ryzen 9 processor which is fast on all fronts along with that you will get a clean and attractive look.

This is a compact 14 inch gaming laptop with greater than 60fps gaming in AAA titles. It has 120 Hz screen refresh for competitive multiplayer games.

4.Acer Predator Helios 300:

Acer Predator Helios 300

Predator Helios 300 from Acer all ways stands as one of the best gaming laptops ever. Acer had created this laptop for the purpose of gaming.

This is loaded up with different set of specifications which makes you fall in love with this laptop. This comes under the category of gaming laptops. Along with all these this laptop has a solid outfit which makes everyone to think that, this is a gaming laptop.

Embedded with 8th generation Intel Core i7 8750H 6-Core processor with up to 4.1 GHz, Predator Helios 300 becomes the unstoppable high performance gaming laptop. This processor is so great and enables the laptop to process the data and games at really an appreciable speeds.

Speaking about the RAM, Predator Helios uses 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz DRAM, which is super-cool allowing the laptop to run at awesome speed even under extreme loads.

This laptop comes with a 256 GB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage allowing you to store important files and folders. It has also got extra slot for 2.5 inch hard drive or SSD.

Predator gives super graphics output by using a GeForce GTX 1060 Overclockable Graphics with 6 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM.

This machine can almost process and give you the best graphics output from almost every game that you play. This has a screen of 15.6 inch Full HD IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p with 144 Hz of refresh. This screen will definitely give you the best experience CSGO. And this comes with the crazy number of ports.


  1. Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H 6-Core
  2. RAM: 16 GB DDR4
  3. Storage: 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  4. Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM
  5. Screen: 15.6 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) p IPS display, 144Hz of refresh rate
  6. Connectivity & Ports: 1x USB-C 3.1, 2x USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, SD card reader
  7. Battery: 48 Wh


  • Unbeatable Gaming Performance
  • 144 Hz display
  • Good port selection
  • Seamlessly integrated component monitoring and boosting


  • Short battery life
  • 256 GB of Storage restrictive for gaming

Why to buy Acer Predator Helios 300:

Predator Helios 300 is a great gaming laptop with spectacular specifications and fantastic features. This laptop is for gamers. It has great CPU and Graphic processor, which enables the greatest performance of this laptop.

This one has really cool looks, which will be definitely loved by you. If you are searching a laptop with high performance and wanted to play CSGO then this is your perfect choice.

You should buy this laptop because it has got unbeatable gaming performance for the price allotted. It has a really good and solid build.

This comes with a great screen and 144Hz of refresh display. It has a sound number of ports. It has a seamlessly integrated component monitoring and boosting

5. MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252:

MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252

MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252 is a great laptop with nice specifications. This laptop comes under the category of gaming laptop. This is absolutely perfect to play Counter Strike Global Offensive game.

This laptop is a high performance laptop. It has got nice and dark looks, with a back-lit keyboard which increases the styling of the laptop.

Speaking about the processor used by MSI GF65, it uses Intel Core i7 9750H with frequency range from 2.6 to 4.5 GHz. This processor is powerful, which enables us to play any game we like. This also enables us to do multi-tasking in a smooth and easy way. It is a very good processor which is recommended to a gamer.

Moving on to the RAM, this little machine uses 16 GB of RAM with type DDR4. This RAM enables us to make our works done on this laptop at faster rate, and this helps us in experiencing the fullest power of this laptop. It is also embedded with 512 GB SSD, which enables you to store different important files and a few larger games.

Thin Bezel NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660Ti 6G GDDR6 is the graphics processor used by this laptop, this enables the laptop to give a super quality videos and live coming games.

graphics processor is awesome in producing real great graphics on your laptop. Speaking about the screen it comes with 15.6 inch Full HD IPS display, along with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It has 120 Hz of refresh rate.

Its ports are great, It has 2x USB Type-C 3.2 ports, 2x USB 3, 2 Type-A ports, 1x RJ45 and a HDMI 2.0 port. All this increases the connectivity of the laptop which buildups the love towards it.


  1. Processor: Intel Core i7-9750H.
  2. RAM: 16 GB DDR4.
  3. Storage: 512 GB SSD.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6G GDDR6.
  5. Screen: 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS-Level 120Hz.
  6. Ports: USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C, USB 3.2 Gen 1, 2x Single backlight with Anti-Ghost key.
  7. Battery: 7+ hours.


  • Appreciable Display.
  • Crazy ports.
  • Very light.


  • Heats up quickly.

Why to buy MSI GF65 Thin 9SD:

This laptop has got all the good stuff, along with very good specifications and also appreciable features. This laptop has got all the needed stuff to boost itself like a best gaming laptop.

This is a high performance laptop which enables you to play nice and fair games. This laptop is good to play CSGO game. This is really an awesome one.

You should buy this laptop because it has got appreciable display, which gives that realistic feel while playing games.

This laptop comes with super number of ports which makes you handle the connecting issues easier. Finally this has super good looks which definitely impress you.

6.Asus TUF Gaming FX 504:

Asus TUF Gaming FX 504

TUF Gaming FX 504 from Asus is a gaming laptop. This laptop is capable of playing games for longer times at nice quality of it. This laptop will enable you to have the greatest experience of gaming ever.

This has really nice look, with the colored keyboard your interest in using the laptop will definitely increase.

Speaking about the internal components of this laptop, this uses 8th Generation Intel Core i7 8750H Processor up to 3.9 GHz. This enables you to have a well processed game and functioning of the laptop. This processor also helps you to do multitasking very well.

This laptop has a RAM of 8 GB DDR4 High frequency 2666 MHz of RAM. This will definitely give you the smooth and fantastic gaming experience without any lagging. It has 256 GB M.2 SSD as its storage, which allows you to store important files and some games.

For graphics Asus TUF Gaming FX 504 uses NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphic processor. This graphic processor is the reason for the fantastic and great graphics that can be viewed on this laptop.

With this nice GPU you can play most of the games at greatest qualities. Speaking about the screen it has 15.6 inch Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which increase the multiplayer gaming.

Now looking at the ports, it has 1x USB 2.0 port, 2x USB 3.0 ports along with HDMI including LAN, SD card reader Kensington lock slot and Mic/headphone jack.


  1. Processor: Intel Core i7- 8750H.
  2. RAM: 16 GB DDR4.
  3. Storage: 256 GB + 1 TB 5400 rpm HDD.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.
  5. Screen: 15 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) p, 120 Hz.
  6. Ports: 1x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, HDMI, LAN, SD card reader, mic/headphone jack.
  7. Battery: 48 Wh.


  • Matte 120 Hz screen
  • Powerful Processor option.
  • Attractive Price.
  • Anti dust fan.


  • Bulky form factor.
  • Faster SSD storage.

Why to buy Asus FX504 TUF gaming laptop:

This laptop is really good. It has a good specifications which increases the capacity of the laptop and makes this laptop multitasking. This is really great for those who are moderate gamers.

Its super clear 15.6 inch screen will definitely make you amazed while playing games on this laptop. With its nice graphic processor, you will get great graphics output from the games and gives you a nice quality gaming.

You should buy this laptop because it has a nice Matte 120 Hz refresh rate screen. It has powerful processor option, along with attractive price.

It comes with an Anti dust fan which keep your laptop free from dust and makes you easier while cleaning the laptop.

7.Asus ROG Strix Hero II:

Asus ROG Strix Hero II

Asus is the best gaming laptop producer; its ROG Strix Hero II is one of them. This amazing laptop looks really fantastic. It comes with a multicolored keyboard, which increases your time to spend with it.

Its outfit is solid with nice and perfect body. We will discuss about the specifications of this laptop in detail. Once again this is a super cool gaming laptop.

ROG Strix Hero II uses Intel Core i7 8759H up to 3.9 GHz processor. This processor will definitely do multitasking and give you the super journey with this laptop.

This processor can process the data efficiently which is very need for any game to load and run on your computer. It can handle Counter Strike Global Offensive game very well giving you the fantabulous experience with that game.

Speaking about the RAM this laptop uses 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM giving you the super gaming and operating experience which is lag free and which goes on smoothly.

This much of RAM will let you open utmost of 20 tabs and can run smoothly without any lagging. This laptop has storage of 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD which is paired up with 1TB HDD, which allows you to store really cool number of games which are even larger games.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB GDDR5 is the main reason behind getting that nice and qualitative gaming view, this graphic processor is quite advanced one, allowing your laptop to do more of the high definitional games and editing works which matters the quality of output. Another thing is that this laptop comes with 15.6 inch IPS-Type display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz.


  1. Processor: Intel Core i7 8750H up to 3.9 GHz.
  2. RAM: 16 GB DDR4.
  3. Storage: 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD + 1 TB HDD.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5.
  5. Screen: 15.6 inch high refresh rate 144 Hz IPS-Type Display.
  6. Ports: RJ45 port, mini display port, HDMI 2.0, 2x USB 3.1, 1x USB-C, mic/headphone port.
  7. Battery: 1 Day.


  • Stylish design
  • Excellent keyboard.
  • Awesome speakers.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Above-average battery life.


  • Webcam stares at your chin.
  • Bottom runs hot.

Why to buy Asus ROG Strix Hero II:

ROG Strix Hero II from Asus is a high performance laptop, which is capable of running your CSGO very effectively and shows you how the gaming world looks like.

This one is packed up with great inner components and this enables your laptop potential to its peaks. This leaves you with greatest quality of video and games that you play. This is a perfect choice for moderate and high level gamers.

You should buy this laptop because it has a stylish design with excellent keyboard which makes you feel more comfortable.

Its speakers are awesome which makes you not to spend money on external speakers. Finally this laptop has above-average battery life.

8.HP Pavilion Gaming 15:

HP Pavilion Gaming 15

Pavilion Gaming 15 is a great gaming laptop from HP, which is packed up with super specifications and is very powerful one. This laptop is the best one for you if you are a gamer.

It greatest processors and sound RAM makes this the best one for both gaming and multitasking. Look at the below description to get a brief understanding about this laptop.

This laptop is loaded up with Intel Core i5 9300H Processor, which enables this laptop to do great with all kind of mid and high storage games.

This processor allows this laptop to perform multitasking perfectly. You can even do all kind of works that you get at offices along with playing sophisticated games on this laptop.

Now speaking about the RAM Pavilion Gaming 15 uses 8 GB SDRAM, which enables your laptop to work and function smooth with different kind of software and games, this also reduces the lagging caused under the load. This has storage of 256 GB SSD, which allows you to store only important files and fewer games.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 3 GB of VRAM as its graphics processor. This Graphics processor allows this laptop to get the real quality image outputs along with high definitional videos and games.

This laptop has a screen with 15.6 inches, which will definitely give you the best gaming and video watching experience. Also with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 you will not forget about its display even in your dreams.


  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-9300h.
  2. RAM: 8GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM. (Upgradable)
  3. Storage: 256GB.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (3 GB).
  5. Screen: 15 inch (1920 x 1080) p.
  6. Ports: 3x USB 3.1 Type-A ports, 1x USB 3.1 Type-C port, HDMI port, Ethernet RJ-45.
  7. Battery: 5 hours 26 minutes.


  • Affordable.
  • Solid gaming and overall
  • Performance.
  • Runs cool while gaming.


  • Dim, somewhat dull display.

Why to buy HP Pavilion Gaming 15:

This Pavilion Gaming 15 laptop from HP is the best gaming laptop as of its kind. It is loaded up with super processor of both CPU and Graphics which enables you to do your work at faster and qualitative work.

This laptop really does great with CSGO game, because of its nice and great performance. Its nice display with 15.6 inch screen makes your games comes true.

You should buy this laptop because it is affordable with a solid gaming and overall experience. This is a great performance laptop which allows you to do multitasking also. Most importantly this laptop runs cool while gaming.


At last we have entered into the final section of this article. We have seen what are CSGO and the Best Gaming Laptop for CSGO. Here we have seen almost of 8 laptops with super specifications and nice features. All these were the best of their kind.

They really do great jobs in handling games and doing multitasking. The laptops that we had discussed were mostly high performance laptops. They have come up with really a great RAM and Storage specifications.

Speaking about the outlooks, all of them had a nice and large screen, which is very important for any gaming laptop to give the super gaming experience.

All the laptops are good at nice outfit with solid body. Mostly all these laptops seem costly, but the gaming laptops are the costliest laptops of the world, because in order to have the best gaming experience that laptop should use more powerful processor for both CPU and Graphics.

The above mentioned prices are reasonable and if you really want a great laptop for gaming no matter what the cost is, then Asus ROG G703GX is for you.

I do hope that the above given information helped you in-order to pick a best gaming laptop at your comfort zone.