Best Chromebooks For Writers and Bloggers – 2021 Review

The simplest work any laptop can do is typing and editing text. By virtue of a laptop’s configuration, one can type on any available laptop without minding its specifications. However, when you define a more specific task is when your chives narrow down.

Let’s say you are buying a chromebook for blogging, means you added some specifications in your purchase to be looked at. It’s better to say that you will need a sturdy keyboard and a laptop capable of running your writing and blogging software like Microsoft Office Word or text editor.

A first look might fool you into thinking that a laptop is a better deal. If you think deeper you will realize, most of this luxury is useless when you are only going to type or blog. Rather, you need something simple for you. Something that will enhance your work.

Something that is fast, sturdy and easy to handle. Generally, you will find it in the minimalism of a chromebook, rather than a grandness of a laptop. So that you find your best match, here are

5 Best Chromebook For Blogging & Writing

1. Google Pixelbook – Best Chromebook For Bloggers

Let’s kick start the list with the trusted aid of net surfing and online workspace, Google. It’s an expensive buy with very high qualifications. It has by far the best customisation of online resources and optimisation than any other chromebook in the series.

Generally, you will find 2 – 3 configurations of this device in the market. However, every one of them packs a 7th generation Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 processors which is a hefty addition to such a device. Also packing a 8GB to 16 GB of memory (depending on the model customisation), the deal is not bad among its competitors.

If you are not satisfied by this addition to your team due to high cost, you can try the Google Pixelbook Go discussed below which has almost half the price.

can a chromebook like google pixelbook used for writing or blogging?
Best Chromebook for writers and bloggers

Google pixelbook is really light, packing only 2.4 pounds of weight in its whole body. It’s safe to say it’s made for bloggers and people working in the online system. Google made the best optimization of its OS, giving you a powerful performance with astonishing net speed and an online environment.

Plus, it’s decently sized with 11.4 x 8.7 x 0.4 inches of device dimensions make it super portable laptop to carry anywhere you go. Talking about it’s keyboard, in simple words – it’s sturdy and made for typing. You can use a moderate amount of force while typing, which is good for fast typers. 

As a cherry on top – it’s battery life is really long, means you get to work super long on it without losing ground on your work. You also get a pixel pen support on this which is again – a welcoming addition for those who have an habit of using stylus.

It also makes unique works better suited for you and adds just a little bit more than what you are expecting. Also this is considered as the best chromebook for photo editing too.


  • CPU : Intel 7th Gen Core i7 – 7Y75 
  • GRAPHICS : HD615
  • RAM : 16GB DDR4
  • Screen : 12.3 inch 360° Touchscreen Display
  • Storage : 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Weight : 2.45 lbs


  • Brilliant display
  • Full Android app support
  • Awesome keyboard
  • Excellent Stylus Support
  • Speedy Performance


  • Pen sold separately
  • Expensive

Why you should buy Google Pixelbook : It’s kind of like an Apple product – it’s good looking, powerful in function but expensive. However, it has so much edge on its competition than being a simple pixelbook. It’s really supportive for all kinds of work and allows you a wider range of function.

It’s decently sized and gives you longer working hours to work with. Most of all – you get stylus support which is something many people are looking for but not finding. All this makes it an excellent choice for performing online work and as a general rule, bloggers are the best customers of this device.

2. Google pixelbook GO M3 – Budget Chromebook For Writers

The second spot is occupied by another extry of Google family, however, this is more affordable chromebook than the earlier pixelbook. It’s a successor of our first entry and a generally really powerful device in its own right.

In terms of price, it’s almost half the price of its original predecessor, but not any less impressive. Possessing an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor combined with 8GB RAM, it is one of the only chromebooks in the market. Want to hear something better? You can run both Android and Chrome apps on this chromebook – another rarity in its kind.

Chromebook like google pixelbook go m3 is excellent for writers - it's made for writers
Best Budget Chromebook For Bloggers

It’s keyboard is google assured, meaning – get ready to type with a good amount of force behind on your fingers. They’re really smooth and don’t make much noise when you type on them. When you talk about performance in other aspects,its audio quality is really uniquely clear.

If you talk about it’s battery life, it’s average. Not like its predecessor’s long life, it will not allow you long working hours without charging. But the charging time required is negligible and it doesn’t take long to reach a full charge.

Again you are offered the premium Google support in terms of its pixel pen performance. It has a good amount of pressure sensitivity and flexibility. It also offers a fully 4K display which is really a plus. It’s 12.2 x 8.1 x 0.5 inches is also a very tempting size.

Best of all, – its office and business focused design really shines when you are working on it and the net surfing speed is also astonishingly good. What’s more is that it provides a boost when you are online and a more secure connection than an average computer.


  • CPU : Intel Core i5-8220Y 1.3 GHz
  • GRAPHICS : Intel UHD Graphics 615
  • RAM : 8GB DDR4
  • Screen : 15.6 Inch HD Touchscreen
  • Storage : 64GB eMMC
  • Weight : 2.33 lbs


  • Incredible battery life
  • Speakers are impressive
  • Rare 1080p webcam
  • Bright, colorful display


  • No Fingerprint Scanner

Why you should buy Google Pixelbook GO M3 : well, if you cannot afford a Google Pixelbook, you should invest in this as the next big option you have. It’s really decent and budget chromebook for budding writers and people who are just starting their carrier as blogger.

It’s also good for those looking for a general buy or for those who have simple needs. It’s price range is really a fetching addition to the isle of chromebooks. It offers good office support and can handle professional work for people. A good looking space for you if you feel your inclination in this type of workbook functioning.

3. Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible – Budget 2 in 1 Chromebook

If you find the earlier two chromebooks too expensive for your taste or you are someone who is looking for real quality for mediocre pricing, this is a good alternative for you to ponder upon. The most famous feature of this chromebook is the comfy and stylish keyboard.

A necessity for long hours of work. You also get a decently long working time of almost 12 hours. It’s really aggressive in its work front, packing a very powerful performance in its small body. It’s 13.3 inch of display is fully High definition is a boon for the community.

best 2 in 1 chromebook for content writers
Best Chromebook For Content Writers

Coupled with MediaTek Quad Core processor, it’s ready to take up works like photo editing that are a little heavy for itself or can cause most chromebooks to crash. It has made sure to provide adequate RAM of 4GB which is good for writing and opening different working systems. It’s also capable of multitasking and generally allows you to open a decent number of apps at once.

It’s also quite handy to take around, since it’s slim, light and compact. All on the go writers will find it a really useful feature. For work purposes, it allows you the option to synchronise. Now, your android / tablet is really connected to your accounts and exchange of information is really made easy.

For normal wired connectivity, it has USB port support and allows faster exchange of data in the newer models. Also, it is not only custom for workspace but also for watching movies, playing non-heavy games etc. In a nutshell, it’s built for those who are looking for a balance between work and play.

Unlike most devices available to you, its webcam quality is great, which makes it an ideal choice for most online conferences.  It’s in the league of best laptops chromebook for fiction writers. Generally, it is an unbiased first pick for most of the blogger community who have some experience.


  • CPU : MediaTek MT8173C Core Pilot Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A72/A53
  • GRAPHICS : Imagination PowerVR GX6250 Graphics
  • RAM : 4GB LPDDR3
  • Screen : 13.3 Inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 )
  • Storage : 32GB
  • Weight : 3.28 lbs


  • Chrome OS performed well on touchscreen
  • Runs Android apps
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Sleek, premium-looking design


  • Flat audio
  • Single USB-C port

Why you should buy Acer Chromebook R13: Most writers who go for a chromebook have a lower budget scheme than an average buyer. If you are getting assured quality in a simple and inexpensive bundle you should buy it. You get a better working support for long hours on this chromebook which is a necessity for long fiction writers.

Also, it’s surprisingly handy for conference workers due to its great camera quality and good work support. It’s screen quality is also decent with an active stylus support for those like to doodle. Overall, it’s a good fit and best of all the budget laptop for average people and you might even get a decent workload off your chest with it.

4. Microsoft Surface Go – Best Chromebook For Writers

An essential buy if you are looking to do your illustrations on your own. It might have the best performance in this whole list by far, but it’s made for more heavier work than just typing. It’s another addition to the list of best chromebook for typing, and is kind of like the little brother of Surface pro.

Although it’s only a 10 Inches display, it’s really clear, showing a detailed kind of work. It’s Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y might be a downgrade from the Surface Pro series, but it’s really powerful in this price range. It’s a power packed chromebook and only those who are really serious about their work generally buy it.

Microsoft Surface Go ideal chromebook for writers and students
Budget 2 in 1 Laptop with SSD

It’s 8 MP rear-webcam resolution is generally enough but not that great for online-conferences. However, it does have excellent on-keyboard and off-keyboard support. You can use it as a tablet or as a chromebook at the same time without any problem.

The RAM present in this device is of the higher spectrum for chromebook. You can choose between the 4 GB and 8 GB model according to needs. It is offered the same treatment as Surface Pro by its creators, just in smaller packets.

Now, it doesn’t fit the idea of chromebook, – more like a tablet. However, you can use it like a chromebook and can even be considered as the best chromebook for blogging due to a wider range of options available to you.

Another big plus you can take from here is the magnet keyboard , if not the sturdiest on this list and allow for fast and continuous typing. You get Windows 10 on this device, which is easier for most to work with than the other chromebook interface and really good USB connectivity for the most part.


  • CPU : Intel Pentium Gold Dual Core
  • GRAPHICS : Intel HD Graphics 615
  • RAM : 8GB DDR4
  • Screen : 10-inch (1800 x 1200 ) PixelSense touch display
  • Storage : 128GB SSD
  • Weight : 1.15 lbs


  • Portability
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Touch Screen with Stylus Pen
  • Comfy Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad
  • Facial Recognition Login


  • Thick Bezels
  • Unfavourable Repairability

Why you should buy Microsoft Surface Go: For most people, it’s not the specifications but the OS which is off putting while working on a chromebook. As most of us are used to the traditional Windows OS, even if the other party is like Windows, it’s not enough.

That’s why it’s Windows 10 interface is very attractive for such people. It’s RAM is also very powerful, not to mention the Microsoft stylus, which is in top range for a stylus. Contrary to a conventional chromebook, it will allow you more freedom to work with.

As a blogger, if you are looking for editing or other similar features, this is generally good for such types of work too. It’s really gusty and hyper aware of heavy workloads and performs them satisfactorily for most people.

5. HP 14 inch Chromebook – Best Chromebook For Typing

HP 14 inch chromebook is easily the most inexpensive entry on this list and is generally loved for its long battery life. It’s one of the classiest chromebook in the market, both with the features and design being top notch.

It is also highly regarded as the chromebook with the best keyboard. For everyone with a really low budget but hopes of securing a chromebook, you cannot get better than this.

For a chromebook, it offers a larger display of 14 inches to the user. Its Intel Celeron N3350 processor makes it a really good match for simple types of works to be performed.

Best Chromebook bundle For Typing

Its net support is a general excellence. With 4 GB of RAM, it’s faster than an average chromebook and capable of processing large information. You can use it for multi-tasking and open multiple tabs while working.

As an artistic choice, HP 14 inch Chromebook has a really plain design and the colours are kept solemn with minimalistic additions. It’s 0.7 inch thick, and weighing 3.3 pounds means it’s possible to take it with you outside.

It’s decent battery life support further enhances this ideology. Although it’s screen quality is not the best of the list, it’s a hearty 1080p display is nothing to scoff off at.

It’s keyboard allows the usage of a moderate amount of force, making it possible to work on it with vigour. It also feels comfortable under the fingers. It’s touch quality is also very satisfactory and responds fast.

The chrome OS is also very compatible with it and runs seamlessly. It does allow you to open multiple tabs, but not too many. However, what it does allow is the speed on the net browsing which is as high as the top models.


  • CPU : Intel Celeron N3350 Dual Core Processor
  • GRAPHICS : Intel UHD Graphics
  • RAM : 4GB LPDDR4
  • Screen : 14-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS
  • Storage : 64GB eMMC
  • Weight : 1 lbs


  • Great Battery Life
  • 14 Inch 1080p Display
  • Really Unexpensive


  • Not that powerful performance

Why you should buy HP 14 inch chromebook: You cannot argue with the quality aspect of this device. Everything it offers for its price range is premium.Most people with a limited budget sense are hard pressed to buy according to their needs.

However, this is a different case altogether. Although the usage is limited, it has everything needed by a writer and a blogger inn there. First four choices on this list are reasonably better than this in every aspect, but they are also much more expensive.

You will also not find 4 GB of RAM in this price range without any big flaws to accompany. The processor is also decently packed and the keyboardis genuinely good for its type of device.

Chromebooks are an excellent choice for product buying when it comes to devices which have minimalistic performances and generally focus on a certain aspect of usage. While it may be off putting for most people to switch OS, it’s generally not a big deal once you adapt to this change.

For blogging and writing, your system does not need to be tacked with the latest gadget supply in the market. More like, it’s the most non labour intensive work for any laptop, tablet or equivalent.

For convenience sake, most of the work in today’s time has shifted to the online front. People have started to prefer digital over physical and as a writer, you really should invest in your future saving grace. Since a chromebook is the best device for an online environment, we compiled a list of the 5 best chromebook for writers and bloggers.

Everyone has different needs, so keeping that in mind, this was the best result we compiled for users. Blogging and writing is a full time investment and to save time, you need to cut a bit off on the networking speed.

That’s why a chromebook becomes a necessity when it comes to this sector. Have a happy blogging experience in the future and if you don’t find your match in this list – it’s just out there.